I’ll start by stating the purpose of this post so it doesn’t seem so strange and out of the blue.  Lately in life I’ve really been noticing how ungrateful and unappreciative many people are about life.  People go about their lives in a constant cluttered state of mind.  Most people spend so much time complaining about and condemning the actions of others that they forget to take a look deeper into themselves.   Life is beautiful and in order to live a fulfilling lifestyle we need to, every once in a while, take a moment to reflect upon the beauty from which we were created and be thankful that we even exist.  Thankful that we get to experience the wonders of sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.  So with that intro I present to you my own take on, “The Miracle of Existence.”


Existence is a strange thing when you really contemplate it.  One day we are born into this world with a complete vessel (the human body) that is ready to grow and expand in an infinite number of ways.  We have no idea how we arrived in this vessel, where we came from, or where we’ll go after we leave this world.  These are a few simple questions that are astonishing in a number of ways yet many of us forget that these questions exist.  We get attached to this life and to our bodies in a way that separates us from the rest of the world.  This separation is called the ego.  The ego is basically a reflection of “the self.”  It is what identifies us with the body that we are using to interact with the world and it is what separates us from the source in which we came from. 

Before you can begin to change your life and take complete control of your destiny you have to start simply by being thankful.  I’m not just talking about being thankful for things like the food on your table or the room over your head, although these things should be included as well.  What you should be thankful for is the miracle of existence and everything within it.  Many of us go through our daily lives forgetting that our arrival on this earth was nothing short of phenomenal.  When you were just a baby you stared in complete awe whenever you gazed upon a simple every day object.  This object could have been anything, even something as simple as a plastic cup.  You had no previous judgments towards anything or a preconceived notion of “the self” or “the ego.”  You gazed upon the physical world with a fresh set of senses and felt a calming serenity as you experienced the physical sensations of the universe for the first time.  Deep down in your soul you knew your purpose (that knowledge is still in you).  That purpose is to continue to grow, to learn, to expand, and above all to create.  You held no resentments towards anybody or anything.  You were one with all that is, and you were ecstatic to be alive and to observe the universe and everything in the physical world with a set of human eyes.

When you were first conceived there was a miraculous event that was taking place.  Cells were dividing and multiplying in a perfect harmonious fashion according to a code of instruction.  They were building bones, organs, bloodstreams, tissue, an entire nervous system, and the most powerful tool in the universe, which is your brain.  Now, did you have any participating role in this miraculous creation?  You actually did have a crucial part in this creation but it wasn’t the you that you have identified yourself with, that is, your conscious ego.  There was an organizational intelligence guiding every step towards creating your body.  This organizational intelligence is the same intelligence that continues to govern and maintain our bodies to this day without our knowledge.  It is ALWAYS watching over us and that is an undeniable fact.  If you are skeptical about an organizational intelligence then try one little test right now.  Give yourself a minor cut and observe what happens after a few days.  That part of your body completely restores itself to the way it was before you cut it.  Of course this is common knowledge but how often do you stop and contemplate the miracle of a small thing like the healing of a cut.  Do you consciously have any idea or any control over the process of healing?  The answer is no.  There is another power that is working and we don’t have to do a single thing to make it happen.  All we have to do is let the process happen naturally.  The same principle applies to the beating of our hearts, our breathing, sweating, and even the blinking of our eyes.  If we had to consciously figure out when we needed more oxygen, how much blood to distribute to our organs, how to stabilize our core temperature, which nutrients to break down and where to send them, etc., then we would not be able to concentrate on the outside world whatsoever.  We would be way too busy keeping ourselves alive on a moment-by-moment basis.  Instead we have the help of our subconscious to guide us in this area.  I will discuss more about the subconscious in depth on another day/ another post.

Any time that you feel any sort of stress or anxiety whether it is a simple case of road rage or a fight with a loved one, try to take a deep breath and go back to the way you felt the day you were born.  This may be difficult at first since we have no conscious memories of that day, but all the memories and physical sensations are still located in our subconscious and are available for us to access.  Life is nothing short of a miracle and everything in existence is cooperating in perfect harmony so that you can experience life.  The planets rotate and revolve around the sun creating a gravitational pull so that you can have a stable foot on the ground you walk.  The earth formed an atmosphere so that you can take a breath of fresh oxygen, which stabilizes the life in your body.  That same oxygen bonds with hydrogen so that you can take a gulp of refreshing water to replenish the cells in your body.  The cells in your body are cooperating perfectly like a finely tuned machine so that you can breathe, walk, talk, think, create, play, laugh, cry, love, and experience any other physical activity or mental emotion.  There are literally billions of events taking place at a microscopic level every moment for the purpose of giving you life.  All of these things are miraculous and you should be thankful for this every single day.  It is your life and you are important.  In fact from your perspective you are, in a sense, in the center of the universe and you should treat your life in that respect.  Be thankful for these countless forces that are working tirelessly to give you life.  Be in constant communication with this invisible force.  It may help to give it a name.  Some people call it nature, the all, the universe, and many others call it God.  No matter what you choose to believe you must remember that your reality is essentially the only reality because you only have yourself to experience the universe.  At a deeper level you really are the universe experiencing itself through the five senses.

So next time your “pissed” about something silly and trivial just remember all of the miraculous forces that are synchronistically at work so that you can have the emotional capability to experience anger in the first place.  Be thankful for that, and you immediately take the power away from what is fueling the anger.  Life is miraculous; don’t take it for granted.




I am posting this to encourage all of my readers (haha, I have no readers) to get out there and live a more fulfilling lifestyle. The concept is quite simple yet it is often overlooked by most. In this ever growing, fast paced, high tech society we are living in, we get all wrapped up in our every day lives. All of our minds are focused on day to day tasks, schedules, appointments and all the other things that create an endless cycle of stress and turmoil. While it is true that these schedules we live by may be necessary to survive the modern world, they ultimately cause a void in the very meaning of the lives we are living. Life has a deeper purpose and at the core of our beings we all just want to have peace. However, peace isn’t something that is achieved by completing a task list or acquiring a wealth of possessions. You have to look much deeper and figure out how to harness those moments that bring you a sense of joy and wonder. So I present to you the most simple way to begin to discover real joy.

Spontaneity. I do things on a whim quite regularly because it keeps life new and fresh. If you can’t surprise yourself how do you expect to ever surprise anyone else? Everybody has a busy life and claims to not have time for fun. This is usually not the case. Most people think they don’t have time because they are blinded by the fact that they use their spare time to watch movies, television, and mindlessly interact in virtual social networks in front of their computers. Want to have a clear head, a strong sense of purpose, and a exhilarating thrill of being alive? Then BE SPONTANEOUS. I can’t stress this enough. Every since I have discovered how powerful of a concept this is, my life has been continuously exciting.

Spontaneity is especially powerful in romantic relationships. I see soooo many couples so bored because they don’t do anything!! My pet peve is the phrase “there’s nothing to do.” That statement is merely a mindset. We live on a planet with wonderful things everywhere! You just have to look a little harder. I know this is 2008 but I’m a bit old fashioned when it comes to dating. Guys, you have to take the initiative. Find two days you both have free and surprise her. Wake her up in the morning, tell her to pack an overnight bag and get in the car. Don’t figure out where your going, just go! Take a drive to New Hamshire or something and find a bed and breakfast by a lake. They’re not hard to find, they are everywhere. I promise you the girl will go crazy. Especially if you make that lifestyle a habit. I went on a 2nd date the other night. Before I tell you what I did I’ll ask what most people would have done. Umm let me see.. maybe lunch, maybe dinner, a movie, a museum, etc. While these are all good things, they are expected. Want to stand out in front of everyone else? Do something spontaneous. Simple. So back to my 2nd date. I know this gorgeous little spot by a river that is very private and secluded (another bonus of living a spontaneous lifestyle is you learn all the best little places!). I told her to dress warm and wear crummy sneakers. I packed the trunk of my car with two bundles of wood, two fold out camp chairs, a backpack containing a bottle of wine and stuff for smores, and my guitar. I took her down by the river, built a very warm fire, and we sat there for hours drinking wine, eating smores, and having some very deep conversations. You can probably guess that it went over well with her. It also becomes easier to have conversations on a more meaningful level in that environment, rather than awkward small talk at a local T.G.I.F. This is how I now live my life, and you should too.  By the way, the time it took me to do all that was the equivalent of a movie, two TV shows.  So if you think you don’t have time, think again.  It doesn’t take much.

I’m spreading this idea to all of you because the more you do things that bring you far away from the daily stresses of life, the more peace begins to radiate through you. It’s very powerful. The energy you start to put out there rubs off on others in your presence as well. Many people I work with tell me that they love talking to me because I’m always so happy. Peace and happiness is the most addictive drug there is. You only live once so discover it before your stress eats away at your soul.

I started this blog about a year and a half ago and sort of drifted away from it. I’ve gone back in and deleted many of the posts because I want to go in a different direction with this. I was originally just going to review books and movies with the occasional psychological babbling, but now I’ve decided on focusing solely on the psychological babblings plus some other thoughts that pop into this crazy head of mine from time to time. Basically my brain is on warp speed most of the time and I haven’t had any medium to express these thoughts through. The average person I encounter on a daily basis would probably prefer to eat glass than to listen to my thoughts on the universe and consciousness. So I have this blog instead, so that the few of you out there who are interested in deeper meanings can engage in some enlightening discussions. I ask anyone who is interested in reading these posts to please listen with an open mind and please comment!!! I would love to turn this into a pseudo-discussion board. Anyway, Merry Christmas and ENJOY!


            Life is an ever growing enigma that unfolds itself deeper into unknown territories on a daily basis.  It seems as though the more one has figured out, the more questions arise and thus continues the infinite cycle that is human existence.  I for one have been changing my whole purpose, outlook, and general attitude towards my life on somewhat of a daily basis for the past three or four years.  Maybe this is considered normal for my age, whatever that ever cloudy standard of normal is considered these days.  Maybe I’m just going crazy and this is and endless spiral towards the existence of a life behind white walls surrounded by nothing but the loneliness of my internal agenizing screams.  Well maybe not, but it’s quite an alarming thought to think that anyone of us has the potential to end up under those conditions.  Conversely, we all possess an equal potentiality of becoming rich and powerful.  It’s all a state of mind, provided that the state of mind is goal oriented, focused, and pro-active.  So then let us ask the question, what happens when your mind is in twenty five different places at once? (more…)

    What you’re viewing is the birth Subconscious Playground version 1.  I've decided to start this for the same reason that every other person in the world starts a weblog.  That is simply to document heaps of useless information that nobody will ever read thus allowing me to regurgitate the nonsensical opinions that run through this brain of mine on a daily basis.  Setting all jokes to the side for a moment, I will say that I am going to try my best to make this as intelligent and informative as I possibly can.  I'm hoping to eventually gain a handful of regular readers and I'd like to think that I could provide them with something useful, as opposed to the narcissistic nonsense you'll usually find on these bloggy thingies.  (how odd that I use the words narcissistic and bloggy thingies in the same sentence)

    The Subconscious Playground version 1 is a very simple, pre-made template from wordpress.com as you can see.  This is merely to get me jump-started and to have a temporary holding place while I construct the official Subconscious Playground Website which will be under the url: http://www.subconsciousplayground.com.  My sudden unexpected interest in web design caused me to go out and pick up a copy of Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 for Dummies.  Macromedia Dreamweaver is the web development software standard for site building.  This means that I'll eventually have my own fancy looking site with my own graphics and logos and what have you.  For now you'll have to deal with this highly unoriginal and overused wordpress template.

     I don't have any specific them, genre, or target audience for this site due to the fact that I plan to cover a wide variety of topics.  However, I suspect that a majority of my topics will be about movies, music, books, and television.  Of course there will be the Subconscious Realm category, which I am not yet revealing the contents of.  I guess you'll have to stay updated on the site to find what lies in the enigma of the Subconscious Realm. (maybe that little cliffhanger I just left will increase the number of my readers from 1 to 2!)

    Annnywhoooo.  That just about sums up what I hope will be a future full of rich content, informative stories, and interactive discussions.  Happy reading.

-Evil Homer